November 07, 2003


I want I can buy crap, some that I need, some I definately don't but want anyway.

List in random order:

A name necklace...silver of course...preferably my name
27" flat screen for my living room
A new cell phone of the camera variety and a plan that isn't more $ and doesn't suck like they all seem to
A LV purse, possible white or maybe pink or pink and brown
A job that doesn't suck, with cool people
New glasses as I think I am getting headaches due to vision
Healthcare with dental and vision which is impossible to find so I can get said glasses
A vintage strawberry shortcake doll with custard MIB
A new Blythe knock off by Takara
A new and old VW Bug
Big bag of money for anything else I selfishly desire

November 04, 2003

I wish I had the discipline to write everyday and get back on track. Brief updates:
Disneyland was very fun and giddy and great, save for the so cal fire ashes everywhere and the children they allow in for some god awful reason.

Nashville Pussy last night was the weirdest longest itty bitty venue show I have been to.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre was too icky and scary but in that semi good way you are mostly expecting but pretend you aren't.

Dane Cook is freaking hilarious. His Crab wearing loafers nightmare and his delve into scary KoolAid commercials with Punchy bursting through the wall destroying the house with happy dancing children was gut busting funny. Liked Greg Gulman a lot too.

Fucktard is my new favorite un pc word to use whenever appropriate which is mostly when driving on roads with said fucktards.

October 23, 2003

It's only a day away

I am so overexcited. 4 hours of work left. I already know I am going to have a hard time sleeping tonight. Might need to take nyquil or actual drink before bed. Need to do laundry, pack...Make sure we have plenty of musical fodder for the ride down. First big roadtrip with the boy. I am bummed Space Mountain is going to be closed. It is one of my favorites but the idea that I will be in Disneyland shortly is just too exciting. Our hotel has a jacuzzi tub for 2 which is almost just as exciting. It is this whole other realm of being a kid again. Disneyland is spotless and everything there is manicured to perfection. I think they hired on the 7 dwarfs and all their woodland creature friends to run around eating trash all day or something. The air smells good no matter what ride you are on. The musty smell on Pirates of the Caribbean as you pass little fireflies in the psuedo swamp is the best.
And the California disney park has alcohol. If I were a lush I'd be very excited but I am only mini excited. It is the perfect blend of being a kid and adding alcohol induced giggliness that is more the point. I think I may be excited.

October 20, 2003

4 days!

I am so excited that my Disneyland vacation is almost here. And this will be a short week and today was busy and passed fast.
This weekend was fun. Went to a hobby expo antique thing with cool collectibles and weird imports and stuff. Got dad a bday present and myself some import cds. Ran around with the boy a bit...always fun. Drove to Napa with a friend and stayed the night. Had way too much fun with older men. Not like that. Just joking around, learning card games, drinking, eating good food and roasting marshmellows. Sunday the boat ran into a problem which sucked but luckily didn't sink. Hit an unmarked island and tore up the propeller. My friend and I didnt even get to wakeboard or go on the tube before it happened. Sorta a waste of a drive to napa but oh well. And scored a green paisley velvety long jacket Carrie would be jealous of at express for 40% off even though it wasn't supposed to be on sale. Ditzy nice employee made a mistake so they insisted I get it at discount. Who was I to resist. All in all an eventful fun weekend although I didn't get much rest which is sorta the point of a weekend. I'll just have to nap today and take a long soak in my jacuzzi tub when I get to the hotel friday :)

October 17, 2003

Thank god for something or other

Geez today is dragging so far. I have all these exciting things planned for the weekend but this morning is dragging and my afternoons always drag by. The boy took tomorrow off so I get to run around with him a bit in the morning. Did I mention how perfect he is. 8 months and we are still giddy as can be around each other. Then I am going up to Napa to the lake there with my friend so we can go out on the water and wakeboard and intertube. Last year when I tried wakeboarding I gave up after false hopes of getting out of the water ended each time with me being pulled up and slammed back down face first, ripping off my fingers each time trying to hold the stupid rope thingy. Intertubing was really fun tough...hanging on for dear life with my friend, giggling hysterically til we went over a few waves and were sent flying into the water. YAY I am excited.

October 16, 2003

Hit me
I really don’t know what the heck to do at work anymore. I am bored as heck. I have a few calls and emails to do throughout the day which takes all of..lets see…30 minutes. I have asked for more work or if there is anything I can do to help out. I have mentioned wanting to be more productive and contribute more like when business was up a little. They have told me they don’t have anything extra for me to do. Then when I am sitting here, clicking back and forth between windows trying to look busy, they come over and ask me what I am working on. After just having the I have nothing to do conversation. WTF? I am so bored of ebay and craigslist and emails and I am slowly losing my sanity and the constant clicking paranoia when they walk by is pathetic. Any advice? Anyone?
Health nuts
Upon my recently discovered love for the gym, I have been taking more and more notice of peoples' physiques as I wander or drive aimlessly. Yesterday being no different, on the way home I noticed a couple walking, in barely there jogger shorts which in most cases no one should wear no matter how fit or young they are. They looked to be mid-late 40s. On closer inspection this pair was in really really good shape, both man and woman were toned and tan and the shorts didn't look that bad, forgive me for saying so. As I drove past, admiring this older couples youthful looking bodies, thinking of the discipline and hard work they must put in to maintaining that, how at that age I can only hope to take that good of care of myself, I noticed they were both smoking. Retards.

October 13, 2003

Novacaine for the soul

Mondays always leave me in this mental funk. I can't really focus or be creative, although I have been productive with personal business as I have the office to myself. Got my insurance apps sent off to ease my worry, called around about smog prices, figured out some disney vacation details and am working on screwing back the man for my security deposit. Other than that I am hungrily awaiting some gym time this afternoon like a junkie. I don't know how I got addicted so fast but I heart the elliptical machine and big screen tv, so long as no one else disturbs me. On a side not jelly bellies will make you feel very icky if you eat too many which I seem to forget on a daily basis.

I went to see Bobby Slayton this weekend at the Improv. He is one of those "I am not racist, I hate everyone" types which was very interesting to witness as he picked on many people in the audience, some of whom I think were not happy about it. His comment to a large mans wife about getting a handicap placard because she must be crippled after sex was a subject quickly dropped upon menacing looks from said fat man. He was very quick witted, improved a lot which some comedians tend not to do with interaction and the best part was how funny he was with all the un-pc stuff.
Also saw Kill Bill which was disappointing. The anime scene bugged me, the gore was too overdone and there wasn't much dialogue, just extreme fight scenes. Uma battles off 7 or 8 body guards to get to Lucy Liu and then suddenly 100 guys rush in like little agent smiths and neo doesn't back down at all and defeats them all. Wait was I watching Matrix?
So anyway she maims or kills them all. This 30 minute scene seemed very realistic. Or not. I was hoping for more wit such as that in Reservoir Dogs. Oh well. I'll still see the next one.

October 08, 2003

Bad Karma

So the boy had a game last week and he misjudged a linedrive into outfield. His glove was too low and the ball hit him right below his eye. He has to go in for a CAT and they think his sinus cavity cracked but will heal. There was blood everywhere and I was freaking out in the stands thinking he was knocked out. I ran to get ice for him (mental note to work out more) and his face was swelling like crazy in addition to the blood pouring out of his nose. His teeth and nose are apparently okay but we had Billy Idol tickets on friday and he was so embarrassed to go out with his swollen cheek and black eye. It was pretty bad but in a sick way I found it sorta cute. Also cute was how clingy and insecure he was therefore repeating he loved me about every 1.2 seconds. As far as we know there will be no permanent damage which is good. Worst part was it was a girl who hit the ball.

September 25, 2003

Mighty Casey falls down

And on a sad but scary coincidental note, 2 players on the boy's softball team dislocated their left shoulder on the same play, on different bases without touching each other. 2 ambulances had to come to the field to get them and 2 grown men could be heard shrieking in the emergency room that night. And yesterday 2 guys in matching slings with matching beers watched the game and made jokes about it on every play.
Grocery shopping is for me

Everytime I go lately I get mad and frustrated, leading me to believe that I have very little patience and will soon become a hermit living off canned goods and boxed processed foods, or that everyone else besides me who goes grocery shopping is an idiot. I like the latter idea. I stopped by Albertson's last night already tired and crabby as I keep getting headaches due to needing new glasses. It was crowded at 9pm but I quickly ran around and got the few things I needed. I returned to my car to realize I had been blocked in by a huge, oldschool style motorhome, that while it still had the engine running, was not moving. I honked hoping someone inside would realize that I couldn't get out and they needed to move. After about 1.5 minutes a lady got out and scurried around the front of the motorhome. My situation did not look promising. Another minute later and I see her walking a cart over toward my car, apparently that had been obstructing their path, hence the 2-3 minute delay of debating these rednecks must have had to do to discuss the solution. Mine would have been to barrel down and knock the cart outta the way. Anyway, I sat in my car for another minute waiting for something to happen, finally realizing that the lady was standing next to my window waving and motioning at the cart, as if I were the idiot and couldn't figure out what the problem was. Finally after I acknowledged her she got back in the motorhome and they slowly, very slowly, edged forward a little. Not enough for me to back out for another 2 minutes, seeing as their maximum speed is less than half a mile an hour in said vehicle. Needless to say I tore outta their rather angry and pissed at sitting in my car for 5-6 unnecessary minutes when I could have been doing more important things like watching the first 30 minutes of The Bachelor.

September 23, 2003

I am almost a quarter of a century

As my best friend pointed out last night, we have been friends for 14 yrs. That is more than half of how old we are. Trippy. She also wanted to impress me with her fraction skills by deducting that I only lived in the same vicinity for 1/7 of our friendship. She has a bit too much freetime apparently as living in the vicinity of the boonies is starting to affect her. And she is a philosophy major with no job. Maybe that too.

So I am 24 today. And I have a wish list on amazon for Although I am pretty sure that myself and 2-3 of my other personalities are the only people driving the number up on my counter it doesn't hurt to admit I like presents. And seeing as how my number of family and friends are quite small I could use a bit of spoiling.

I feel as if someone should buy me a big present with my 22nd bday inside so I can gain back the last 2 years I have wasted by not progressing much in the terms of career/school. Granted I make more and live alone and have a beautiful place this rate I am going to be 28 or something by the time I finish my degree and thats assuming I take a ton of night classes and go back soon. What is the secret ingredient I am lacking to get my butt in gear. Can someone add that to my amazon wish list? OR better yet send it to me soon!